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Title TPC TTS Telescopic Linear Stage Series Date of upload 2023-09-08
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Discover the TTS Telescopic Linear Stage Series

Discover the versatility of the TTS Series, featuring multi-stage telescopic orthogonal robots that can partially fold and unfold. Tailored to meet your specific requirements with 2 to 4 customizable stages, it promises a solution that aligns seamlessly with your operational needs, setting a new standard of precision across various industries.

Inspiring Use Cases

The TTS Series has transformed various industries with its precision and versatility. Here are some examples of how electric telescopic linear stages are making a significant impact across different sectors:

  1. Display Manufacturing: Elevate the production of high-quality displays, from smartphones to large-scale televisions, with unparalleled precision and efficiency.
  2. Automotive Industry: Streamline production processes, enhance assembly line speed and accuracy, and strategically allocate semiconductors to keep vehicle production on track.
  3. Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals: Automate complex processes, ensure precision, and reduce the margin of error in producing medical devices and pharmaceuticals.
  4. Semiconductor Industry: Facilitate wafer handling and chip manufacturing with a level of accuracy and efficiency that is vital in this high-tech industry.

Electric Telescopic Linear Stages: A Deep Dive

Embark on a journey into electric telescopic linear stages, where the TTS Series is pioneering advancements in various sectors.


In the healthcare sector, witness the transformation of medical equipment and laboratory automation systems, as the TTS Series facilitates developments that are more precise and significantly enhance the efficiency of research processes. These are tangible realities shaped by the advanced technology embodied in the TTS Series.


Similarly, in manufacturing setups, the TTS Series spearheads a revolution, redefining processes with a precision that enhances speed and accuracy, promising a transformative impact on production lines.


Witness the Benefits Up Close:

  • High accuracy and minimized runout errors
  • Precise, highly accurate, repeatable motion within small design envelopes
  • Effective maintenance-free motion control
  • High-speed movement with substantial lifting or push/pull force

Let's elevate your understanding. Click on the link below to watch our latest video that showcases the seamless integration of technology and craftsmanship that defines the TTS Series.

TTS Telescopic Linear Stage Series

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