• APR Series
      Rodless Cylinder

      • Maximum stroke length 5,000mm
      • Proudct durability over 500km guaranteed
      • Reduced weight using lightweight parts
      • LM guide and shock abosorber options available
      APR Series Rodless Cylinder
    • NFB2 Series
      Compact Air Chuck

      • Space-saving cylinder
      • Able to design compact equipment
      • Equipped with double piston for high gripping force
      • Various pipe connection ports available
      • Various operning and closing strokes available
      • Various mounting available
    • RS2000 Series
      Plug-in Type 5 Port Pilot Solenoid Valve

      • Single, Double, 3 position , Dual 3 Port 4 Position Available
      • D-Sub Connecter, Flat Cable Connector, Terminal Block Type, SI Unit Available
      • IP65 for Terminal Block Type(RS2000) Available
    • Small F.R.L Series Added

      • Various piping sizes available
      • Easy space and piping saving
      • Installed with backflow function for residual air pressure on exhaust
      소형 F.R.L
    • AMRBR Series
      Magnetic Rodless Cylinder

      • Great impact energy absorption with rubber cusion or air cushion option
      • Rail for switchstandard option
      • Reduced mounting space
    • AQ2 Series
      Large Bore Size Compact Cylinder

      • Ø160~Ø200 bore size added
      • 10~20mm reduced mounting space compared to TCS series
    • NGQ Series
      Compact Guide Cylinder

      • Internal lateral load, high precision rotation prevention
      • Increasedcushion control range by applying pitch to the cushion valve
      • Minimized cushion bounching with optimal flow design
      • Increased fine adjustment range for cushion amount and prevents deviation of cushion valve
      NGQ시리즈(가이드 부착 콤팩트 실린더)
    • RS4000 Series
      Plug-in Type Solenoid Valve

      • Compact exterior design
      • Able to confirm correct coil operation through high brightness LED (2 color)
      • SI Unit available
      RS4000시리즈(플러그인타입 솔레노이드밸브)
      • NCS Series

        • LM Guide & Ballscrew Type Unit
        • Clean Type [Class 100(vacuum suction)]
        • Rigid structure with compact design
        • Easy to apply multi-axis combination
        • Customizable according to customer preference
        • Easy maintenance (inject grease easily)
      • TDB2000 Series
        Integrated/Separate, Built-in Control Functon

        • Integrates the strengths of step driver and servo driver
        • Low heat generation and excellent torque
      • TDB3000 Series
        Full Closed Loop

        • Intergates the merits of step driver and servo driver
        • Low heat generation and excellent torque
      • TDB1000 Series
        Step Motor Driver

        • DC12 ~ 48V(4.0A)
        • Bipolar
        • Resolution Max. 51,200
      • TDI Series
        Driver Integrated Motor

        • Motor + Driver
        • Searches origin without sensor
        • Error detection without encoder
        • Reduced heat due to coolstep feature
        TDI시리즈 드라이버 일체형 모터
      • EMC Series
        Electric Cylinder

        • Wear resistance and lateral load increased with double wearing teflon material
        • Equipped with anti-rotation rod to prevent origin fluctuation (standard option)
        • Double-nut type ball screw nut fastening prevents loosenin
        • All models equipped with bumper as standard
        • 3D Printer
          that makes your
          imagination a reality

        • 협업로봇


          · 7 degree of freedom · Reduce installation costs · Easy to use software · Equippedwith vision camera

          Smart Collaborative Robot Sawyer

          Meet Sawyer-the revolutionary new high performance collaborative robotdesigned to execute tending, circuit baord testing and other precise tasks that that are impractical to automate with conventional robots.
        • Motion Technology - Bringing Brilliance to the World

          High Accuracy, High Rigidity, Low Noise, Outstanding quality

          Linear Guide, Ball Screw, Single Axis Actuator

          Applications by Industry

          Automation, Robot, Semiconductors, Machinery,
          Medicine, Transportation Systems,Green Energy

          Other products

          • Planetary Reducer
          • Support Unit
          • Coupling
          • TM Screw
          • Linear Bushing
          • Ball Spline